A Complete, Jovial Guide to the 2016 Senate Races

On April 26, I wrote an article for Deadspin previewing all 34 of this fall’s Senate races. It has a lot of pictures that will be very hard for me to format, and my use of said pictures would probably run super, super afoul of applicable licensing agreements, so start below but then just go read the rest there.


With six months and change still to go until November 8, you’ve probably learned more this election cycle than you ever hoped to hear about loony wall-construction-financing schemes, losing unspecified competitions to China, and/or the self-reported approximate dimensions of a certain candidate’s genitalia. The entire spectacle has been hilarious and delightful, even if our grandchildren will immediately conclude that we’ve gone senile when we try to tell them stories about it someday.

Often drowned out in this cacophony of absurdity, though, is the fact that 34 Senate seats will ALSO be decided in November. And from a practical, will-anything-get-done-in-Washington-this-decade perspective, control of the legislature matters just as much as holding the White House. In the current Congress, 54 Republicans maintain a narrow majority in the Senate, but 24 of this fall’s 34 contested seats are occupied by Republicans. Come Election Day, if millions of Americans terrified by the prospect of a Trump Caliphate turn out to vote Democrat, the GOP could lose not only its White House bid, but also its Senate majority, too.

Will it happen? Maybe! Let’s take a closer look at the senators on the chopping block…


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